Function7 E46 M3 Driveshaft Flex Disc Coupling (Guibo)

BMW E46 M3 Driveshaft Flex Disc Coupling (Guibo)


BMW M vehicles

  • E36 M3 Coupé/Sedan/Convertible
    (1995-1999, S52 engine, manual transmission )
  • E46 M3 Coupé/Convertible/CSL 
    (2001-2006, S54 engine, manual transmission or SMG)
  • E34 M5 3.6/3.8 Sedan
    (1991-1993, S38 engine, manual transmission )
  • E36/7 Z3 M Roadster
    (1998-2002, S52 and S54 engines, manual transmission) 
  • E36/8 Z3 M Coupé
    (1998-2002, S52 and S54 engines, manual transmission ) 
  • E85 Z4 M Roadster
    (2006-2008, S54 engine, manual transmission or SMG)
  • E86 Z4 M Coupé
    (2006-2008, S54 engines, manual transmission or SMG)

BMW non-M vehicles

  • E46 328i, 330i Coupé/Sedan/Convertible
    (1999-2005, manual, automatic or SMG)
  • E90, E91, E92, E93 328i, 330i Coupé/Sedan/Convertible
    (2006-2012, manual or automatic, front flex disc)
  • E53 X5 3.0i/4.4i/4.6i SUV
  • E70 X7 3.0i/4.8i SUV
  • E85 Z4 2.5i/3.0i/3.0si Roadster
  • E86 Z4 2.5i/3.0i/3.0si Coupé



The Function7 E46 M3 Flex Disc Driveshaft Coupling (guibo) is designed as a high performance replacement component for the OEM BMW rubber flex disc (BMW P/N 26112226527). It is designed from the ground up for motorsports use, and features long-life polyurethane flex bushings surrounded by a self-balancing floating cage, precision CNC machined out of billet aerospace-grade aluminum. We have also engineered our flex disc to be easily disassembled and rebuilt with regular hand tools if any of the components ever need replacing.

While improving on the shock absorption characteristics of the standard guibo, the Function7 flex disc does not compromise on performance or driver comfort, and does not impart any additional NVH (noise, vibration, & harshness) to the cabin. The replaceable polyurethane flex bushings also reduce the drivetrain shock to the vehicle's driveshaft and rear differential, buffering these components from the drivetrain vibrations and shock loads, reducing the wear and tear in the process. 

The Function7 E46 M3 Flex Disc Driveshaft Coupling kit comes pre-assembled with high strength alloy fasteners, and is accompanied by a full set of high strength bolts and locknuts to quickly install the part onto the vehicle.

Flex Disc installed on an E46 M3

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